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AppGateSecurityServer is an innovative network security, identity management and access control solution. Unlike other similar solutions, instead of focusing on network parameters it builds a secure environment around IT assets. It treats every user the same and only gives access to assets on an as-needed basis. The software provides application level firewalls that protect the security server as well as all the applications servers.


It also provides endpoint security through an integrated device firewall and client inspection, the highest level of encryption for network usage as well as a granular control of user access. Setting up the server and user access takes a lot of time without doubt, but once you have the solution in place you can easily expand as your need grows. All the security features are managed from a single administrative console, and allows seamless integration with Active Directory for greater user access control. Each AppGate server can handle up to 12 internal security domains or segments.


Each and every user and administrative activity is logged so a complete and transparent tracking and monitoring system is available. This also helps tremendously in security compliance and also enables the system to send alarms to external systems when an unusual activity occurs. Over all, the AppGateSecurityServer provides a much better approach to security than the traditional firewalls and is even more beneficial than traditional solutions due to its scalability.


  • Setup a free security server and 10 authorized concurrent users.
  • Uses highest encryption standards including AES128, AES256, 3DES and RC4.
  • Monitor all administrator and user activity and create alarms for unusual behavior.
  • Rules and roles management provide meticulous control of security.
  • Has a free version available for a limited time.

Download the free version of AppGateSecurityServer @

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