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Mobile apps tend to have a short shelf life. Sure, they exist on their app stores for as long the developer wants to leave them there, but people only tend to talk about an app for a short while after its release, and then they move on to the next best thing. If you don’t follow the latest trends, and just want to find good apps on your Windows Phone, you should check out AppFlow App Discovery.

new windows phone apps

AppFlow App Discovery makes it easy to find the very best apps on Windows Phone. The main selling point of this app is called Forgotten Legends. In here is where you to come find the awesome apps that people just are not talking about anymore. They are as good as they ever were, they just are not the current thing, so people kind of ignore them.

appflow app discovery

Of course, there are also features such as the New & Impressive section designed to help you find the current hot apps. There are also staff picks and other sections that do a much better job of helping you find good apps than the default Windows Phone app store. Best of all, you download the apps right from AppFlow App Discovery, so it’s really easy.


  • App discovery engine for Windows Phone.
  • Forgotten Legends page shows top rated apps from the past.
  • Find new apps with New & Impressive section.
  • Download apps directly from AppFlow App Discovery.

Find AppFlow App Discovery on the Windows Phone Store

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