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App Discovery is a powerful tool for any mobile platform. It becomes much more critical for a less popular platform like Windows, where you notice the lack of mostly for parents apps. App Discovery for Windows Phone Parent is a nice tool for anyone who wants to find fun educational apps for their children. This allows your children to enjoy their phone without accidentally downloading a dodgy app.

windows mobile apps for children

You can browse through different age groups including categories like “apps for kids” and “apps for parents”.  Some subjects available include math, skill development, literacy, and more. Choose an app based on your child’s age from toddler, pre-schooler, up to teenager.

Parents also have their own categories like productivity, and stress relievers, and even have sorted apps by parenting stage from expecting, new parent, and more.

app discovery by windows phone parent

Any good Windows phone app uses a consistent, minimalist interface. You can swipe left and right to go through featured tabs. Clicking the “get app” button will redirect you to the Windows phone store.

This approach to app delivery is a great way to not only filter your kids from bad apps but also get the kids to use phones as a learning tool. Free in the Windows phone store, it highlights the best of this new-ish ecosystem.


  • Get recommended Windows phone apps from parents for parents.
  • Choose between apps for kids, and apps for parents.
  • Choose based on the development stage of the child.
  • Apps handpicked and recommended by concerned parents.
  • Other app discovery tools: Mapsaurus, Localscope, and Playboard

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