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Web workers and large companies need ways of communicating quickly with their clients. This is especially important with design and media companies whereby the clients will want to see how a project is coming along or survey the finished product before paying for it.
Apollo is an easy-to-use document proofing service that lets you do just that. It allows you to easily get and give a feedback for particular document, image or design over the internet.

document proofing

Signing up takes less than thirty seconds and once you’re logged in you can upload proofs (documents) for approval. As you can see in the screenshot above, you simply select “˜Add proof‘ from the home screen and fill in the form below by selecting the document in question, inviting people to view the document and selecting the person (i.e. the client) who has the power to approve or reject the document.

When you select a document from the home screen (whether it’s your own or one you’ve been invited to survey) you can then add notes to it as feedback. This is done by selecting where you want to add the note (.i.e somewhere on the document you liked or think needs improving) and then give your feedback. This is illustrated in the screenshot above.

Overall this is a very easy to use app which makes working with clients over the internet that little bit easier.



  • Invite people to your documents and be invited to other people’s documents.
  • Annotate documents.
  • Supports multiple formats such as JPEG, GIF, PDF and PNG.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Similar tools:  RedMark

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