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zombieIf there’s one thing Left 4 Dead managed to do, it got me back hooked on zombie games.

You’d be surprised, but there are quite a few zombie games available for free. Of course the majority of them just drop you in a crowd with a big gun, but there are a few games that stand out from the mass.

It’s time you find yourself a laptop and a deserted house, because today we’ve rounded up the very best zombie games for you. In no particular order, here they are.


The situation is pretty simple. The world has been flooded by a zombie virus and someone will have to take care of all the mess. You’ve been chosen because of your experience with arms and the fact you’ve still got brains. Help clean up the cities and save the world – in aid of that goal, you’ll receive top-notch weaponry and loads of cash.


Zombpocalypse has the top-down view and classic fun of 8 bit games, but that’s as far as similarities go. Loaded with great graphics and swift, fluent gameplay, Zombpocalypse makes it one of my favourite zombie games.

To survive this threat, you’ll need sharp reflexes and vast amounts of ammunition. When you’ve got hordes of zombies closing in on you, you’re definitely happy for the weapons arsenal at your disposal, ranging from semi-automatics to rocket launchers, flame-throwers and shock-guns.

zombie games

I can’t say Zombpocalypse has an intriguing story-line, but it’s nothing you’ll miss when you get caught up in the action. Zombpocalypse is a great game, with the quality level of a lightweight retail game and lots of shooting fun.

Download it at Zombpocalypse – at the moment only the “demo” is available. The file includes all environments, but just hasn’t reached the final release yet.


Zombies eat brains, a well-known fact. What most people don’t know is that they’ll actually return to normal if they get to enjoy a good meal. That’s where you get in. Your red PJ’s make you stand out from other people – that, and your bag full of brains.

Feed brains to the zombies before they infect other humans, and help them return to normal. Your bag of brains is endless – no problems there – but you mustn’t get infected yourself.

zombie games

Zombiepox won’t reach the quality level of Zombpocalypse (the developer claims to have created the game in a 48 hour run), but it’s still a fun game. With a ton of increasingly difficult levels and the introduction of brain bombs, you won’t be bored quickly.

Download Zombiepox at freelunchdesign

The Last Stand 2 (flash)

When apocalypse hit, you armed yourself and found a safe place. Safe meaning you had a gun in your hand and a few crates between you and the zombies. Your life had become a lot more simple – spill your bullets and live another day.

As an outline, The Last Stand 2 (you might want to check out the first installment as well) sounds pretty simple, but the game focuses on the daylight as well as on the nightly shootouts.

Between nights, you can search the neighbouring houses for food, guns and ammunition – and, if you’re feeling very lucky, other survivors. You only have so many hours of daylight to spare, so be sure to use them good – they’ll be back tonight.

zombie games

As a flash survival game, The Last Stand 2 swallows you whole. It’s one of those games where your eyes dry out and you keep saying ‘just one more’ to yourself, only to be reminded about the fact when the end sneaks up on you and the sun has long disappeared from the horizon.

This is where we round up this article. It’s time to close your curtains and dim the lights, put your top on a steady drip and fire up some zombie games. If you know any other great (zombie) games, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments!

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