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Modern smartphones are versatile devices that let you perform numerous tasks. One of the tasks that are usually performed on a smartphone is note taking. While there are excellent note taking applications available for various smartphone operating systems, some people find it very inconvenient to have to take out their phone and type up text to be stored in a note. This is so because, as most people will agree, typing on a phone is not very easy. Here to help you by letting you take notes in a better and more convenient way is a phone app called apMemo.

record notes on android

apMemo is a user friendly smartphone application that is compatible with Android devices. This application is sized at nearly 200 KB and it is compatible with smart devices that are running version 1.6 or later of Android. Using this application you can easily take notes on your device. In addition to letting you type your notes, the app lets you draw them. Your notes can be saved in the app and accessed any time you like. The option of drawing makes it much easier to take down notes with helpful drawings that quicker to understand than reading text.


The app offers various other usability features such as making checklists, selecting pen size and colors, unlimited number of notes, and setting reminder for notes. These features are included in the Lite version of the app. The premium version costs $2.79 and comes with added features such as optional vibration notification alerts and more.



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