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Most web developers depend on popular APIs to integrate information across websites. Thus, the connection to these different APIs should be monitored constantly. API-Status is a web site that provides the uptime status of several popular APIs.

popular apis

API Status allows you to view and check the status of APIs from services like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Google, YouTube, Paypal, and a lot more. Click on a particular API to see the average daily performance from selected countries presented by a line graph, a map showing its performance by country, and its availability over the week and over the last 24 hours. The website also gives a quick review of any API’s performance by indicating if the service is operating normally, or if it has performance issues or service disruptions.

API status is a handy app for finding all your API connection in one place. This is especially useful as a quick reference tool when troubleshooting your websites.

popular apis


  • Gives you an updated status of various web sites’ API
  • Provides daily historical status
  • Provides speed results for each API
  • Free; no sign-up required

Check out API Status @

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