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When you are in the middle of a task and reminded to add something to your to-do list, you are often discouraged by the thought of using your phone’s keypad to type the entire task. Thus apps that let you create to-do lists should support speech-to-text so you can quickly add tasks to list by voicing them. This feature is precisely what an app called AnyDO offers.


AnyDO is a free smartphone application for Android devices. The app is sized at 3.4 MB and compatible with Android version 2.2 or later. AnyDO offers you numerous useful features but the most prominent one is its speech-to-text support. The app lets you add tasks simply by speaking them into your phone. Your tasks are kept organized by letting you sort them into different lists and folders. Reminders for important tasks can be set to ensure you do not forget them.

To clear completed tasks from your list, you need to only shake your phone. These features along with others such as synchronization with your Google account make AnyDO an excellent to-do list management app.


  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Lets you create and organize to-do lists.
  • Supports speech-to-text recognition.
  • Supports synchronization with your Google account.
  • Similar tools: DragonDictate.

Check out AnyDO @


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  1. Kvisoft
    November 25, 2011 at 8:58 am

    AnyDO sounds to be very good. I may search it and have a try.

  2. Hank
    November 16, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    If you drop your phone does it delete all lists?