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Long before the days of one click solutions like TeamViewer TeamViewer - Be A Remote Support Superhero! TeamViewer - Be A Remote Support Superhero! Read More ; FTP, TELNET and SSH were the preferred means to transfer files to and from remote computers or perform administrative tasks. Although a little less user friendly, these are still very much prevalent and to some extent, a geek’s preferred choices as well.

The thing is however, that you need to be proficient at the command line or install a number of file transfer software clients to deal with the different protocols out there. AnyConnect is a versatile client that supports multiple protocols that offers to do that all for you in one program.

The download process is a little different as compared to the usual “download the setup file and install” approach, and is more reminiscent of Google Chrome. You download the installer, it checks the computer for compatibility and downloads the application afterwards. The application’s file size is about 17MB. After the download completes, the installation starts and the software installs on its own.

Once installed, you can start working straightaway. Head over to the connections tab, right click and choose Add connections. You can now select from the multitude of protocols that the file transfer software supports. You can use AnyConnect to set up FTP connections, FTP with SSL, with SSL/TLS, SFTP, SSH and Telnet connections. Enter a name for the connection and a server address. Next, head to the security tab. Here, you can enter the username and password details or use server’s public key for authentication.

file transfer software


You can set up logging, proxy and terminal emulation if you so prefer by visiting the remaining tabs. Click OK and the newly-created connection should appear within the Connections tab in the left pane of the main window. Right-click on the newly created connection and this time choose “Connect”. AnyConnect goes ahead and establishes the connection.

file transfer software

AnyConnect now automatically switches to a more familiar dual pane view. You can now simply drag and drop files to and from either pane to transfer files between local and remote computer. That being said, if you are familiar with other FTP clients you might miss the buttons that split the two panes and let you transfer files to an fro.

file transfer software

One of the greatest features of AnyConnect is that it supports a number of protocols which I enumerated above. What’s even better is the fact that multiple connections can be open at any instant and they would show up as different tabs in the right pane. You could for example be connected via FTP to your web server and at the same time you can SSH into your work or home computer, perhaps get some files from there and then transfer them onto the web server.

On the whole AnyConnect is a great file transfer software to have if you often transfer files between computers using the likes of FTP, SFTP or for remote access via SSH. The greatest benefit is the fact that you don’t need to have a special software for each of the protocol. AnyConnect takes care of everything. Connections are saved by default, making it easy to use them the next time you want to connect. A concern however, is the fact the passwords are stored by default too. This may not be such a big problem especially if you are using it on your own computer but it poses a potential risk nonetheless. Having the option of storing or entering the password each time would be great.

Do you use different software for different protocols, or would you prefer a all-in-one solution? Be heard in the comments!

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