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moviestripAs the end credits roll on and we exit the theater, what we usually carry with us are memorable movie scenes and catchy dialogues. With time, they become part of cinema folklore. Generations later, we still quote lines like – “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” (Gone with the Wind) or “Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?” (Dirty Harry).

And that’s why we go back for re-runs on a DVD or on HBO. Or these days, we also hop onto the World Wide Web and scour some of our favorite video sites. to search movie scenes. A new startup website, AnyClip hopes to meet that need with the service it promises.

Sites like YouTube and MetaCafe host a huge assortment of movies and clips. But their sheer volume itself makes it difficult to fetch that defining moment from the scores of user generated video clips. Then again, our search may hand us spoofs and takeoffs. Though sometimes funny, it’s not the real deal.

This is where AnyClip comes in. The new startup (the developers call it a prototype) is designed to give movie lovers quick access to those unforgettable cinematic moments. You can rewind and reprise the exact scene without having to press the fast forward button on your DVD player or any streaming web player. AnyClip brings to the viewer not the entire film but only those talked about scenes that we continue to cherish.

search movie scenes

This is the heart of the reason for starting up AnyClip. Aaron Cohen, the CEO also talks of other very real commercial reasons at Why the World (Including Hollywood) Needs AnyClip.


As a member of the movie loving public, I am interested more in the “˜heart’ so I signed up to see if I could get any clip I want.

The sign up process is simple without any “verify your mail” links landing up in my inbox. And I went straight through to the site.

The web service has the Audience Award at TechCrunch50 on its shelf and at first glance it’s easy to see why. Apart from the usability and adding to it, the second reason has to be the easy-on-the-eyes design. The menus and sections are not crowded and it makes for a leisurely stroll through the site.

I can put in my search in the large search bar on top and select some choices (Movie, Actor, Director or Quote) from a dropdown. For wider browsing, I can click on any of the sections on top. For instance, I can even browse by type of scene – Laugh, Sing, Kill, Fear and Oh God!

search movie scenes

Clicking on any from the sections – Movies, Actors or Directors”¦takes us to the page where you can further browse to the video by its alphabetical title. If you can’t find the movie (quite possible now as the site is spanking new), put in a request using the Suggest a Movie text box.


What about the video itself? You can click on Go to clip page and choose to watch the selected clip using the site’s web player. But if you are interested to watch the entire movie, the site connects to premium sites which are the legal distributors for the film like Netflix or the iTunes store. You can also order the DVD of the film from Amazon.


But as it might be only the clip we are interested in watching, it’s the clip page we go to. The clip page is similar to any social media platform with sharing buttons and comments.


The Promise Of Things To Come?

YouTube is still the favorite haunt for many movie lovers who search for movie scenes. But sites like AnyClip are starting to offer something different by focusing on quality rather than quantity. You might also have come across MovieClips How to Find Your Favorite Movie Scenes in Seconds With MovieClips How to Find Your Favorite Movie Scenes in Seconds With MovieClips Read More in an earlier review. Both sites are similar on the surface, offering myriad ways to search for the right scene. MovieClips is a much older site and therefore has a larger database.

That’s where you might be disappointed with AnyClip right now. The selection of movies is”¦let’s say, quite selective with only a few early classics. These are very early days for the startup but unlike MovieClips, AnyClip is open to those outside the US and Canada. With AnyClip it’s not what is but what will be, that’s the part to look forward too.

If you like to go back to those cinema moments, do you think that AnyClip is a candidate as a standout web destination?

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