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AnyClient is the first and only web-based FTP client. That’s right, an online service aimed to provide users with a simple and easy file transfer client that works on any browser and operating system, and requires no installation. Similar to desktop FTP cleints, AnyClient comes with a profile manager that lets you store site profiles locally. This way the next time you load AnyClient you can connect to any saved site without filling login and server details all over.

Disclaimer: Anyclient is a web-based FTP client, thus there is a possibility that your account/login details may be viewed by third party individuals. Use it at your own risk.

AnyClient - Web based FTP Client

Additional Features

  • Save site profiles for regular access.
  • Zip upload: Compress and upload file to FTP server with a single click.
  • All site profiles are saved on your computer and cannot be seen by anyone but yourself.
  • Download and install Anyclient on your computer (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux/Solaris). It’s free.
  • Supports several secure protocols: FTPS (FTP over SSL), SFTP/SSH and secure WebDAV via HTTPS.
  • Requirement: The only requirement is Java (most probably you already have it)
  • No registration. No email. No fees.

Check out Anyclient @

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