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Advertisement is definitely one of the better designed productivity apps in the Android space. With the launch of Cal on Android, they attempt to give a better overview of your days with a smart calendar app. Cal for Android is along the same lines as its iOS version. The aim is to provide you with seamless planning tools that combines your daily agenda with dynamic features like Google Maps and navigational pointers. Cal wants to make calendar planning pleasurable. Nine specially curated photo themes should help to start the day on a bright note. Swipe, tilt, and tap to jump between the different ways to view your calendar. The calendar app is separate, but it is tightly integrated with the tasks you might have on the flagship to-do list app. Cal also syncs in real-time with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange, so any schedules set up there are slotted here as well.


Cal stands out because of the contact, social and location integration it gives you to accomplish your tasks. Set up reminders and stay in touch with the life events of your friends. Now, you can not only set a reminder for an event (like a meet-up with someone), you can also let Cal suggest interesting locations like restaurants and bars near your events. Google Maps shows you how to get there, or if you prefer you can call an Uber Hire A Car In Most Major Cities Worldwide With Uber And MyTaxi Hire A Car In Most Major Cities Worldwide With Uber And MyTaxi You'd expect by now that hiring taxis with an app on your fancy GPS-enabled device to tell the drive your location would be an everyday event, right? Wrong. Read More with a click from the app (for supported locations).

The Android app adds a few touches – an Android widget on the homescreen and the landscape mode; both designed for an easy view of your calendar.

Download Cal for Android and give us your first impressions on this elegant take on time management.



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  1. Rahul G
    December 5, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Oh man. Now I need to deactivate notification popups for my default calender and it's pretty annoying to see original app giving same reminders for what's synced with their cal app.

    • Saikat B
      December 7, 2013 at 3:25 pm

      Oh yes, that could be an irritant.