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Web developers are always looking for ways to make the process of development a little more efficient. After all, the process of web development can be time consuming, and anything that can save a little time is welcomed. The .DEV extension is designed as a way to make it easier for web developers to launch local files quickly. Anvil for Mac is a program designed to use .DEV files in a clean, organized way that makes it incredibly easy to run.


Anvil takes your site folder, gives a .DEV URL and runs it for you. This makes it incredibly easy to run your projects without the need for file:// addresses, command lines, and complicated software. It sits right in the menu bar, so it is quick and convenient to get access to your files whenever you need them. Its interface is clean and visually appealing. It supports OS X 10.7 and later. The one limitation is because it runs with Pow, it does not support sites developed in PHP.


  • Menubar app for managing local sites.
  • Gives your local pages an easy .DEV URL.
  • No complicated software and command lines to install.
  • Runs in the menu bar for convenient access.

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