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Search engines have become a common necessity. With the vast amount of web sites out there, it has become much easier to find websites using search engines. Of course the most popular are Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Ask. I have found some that are not as common and most certainly deserve to be used.

Tina has already done a huge summary of search engines Cool Search Engines To Remember Cool Search Engines To Remember Read More that you should try out but here are another five you should take a look at.

Exalead1. Exalead – Exalead is one of the most customizable and searchable sites on the internet. Besides having features that include searching on blogs, videos, Wikipedia, commercial, non-commercial, audio, RSS, etc, it allows for tons of customization. When one searches for something, e.g. physics, the options for expanding your search are incredible. You can register an account with them as well to provide a personalized page for search wherever you are on the internet.

searchmash2. Searchmash – Searchmash is an extremely neat and new way of searching the internet. Like Exalead, Searchmash has numerous ways of customization and refining your search results to become more accurate. When you search for something, similar to Exalead, there is a sidebar that gives you the option to search images, blogs, videos, and Wikipedia. They recently added a new version of Searchmash in Flash, which is even more incredible. When you search, the first result is given as a snapshot and under it the first piece of text on the site. Further under that Searchmash allows you to search only on that site, go to the homepage of that site, or view the cache of it. When searching images, you can click on a certain image and see the full link, the screen resolution, the file, or just search on that site. The same with the video, except that it incorporates the video into the search and under it includes a description of the video.

scirus3. Scirus – Scirus is a “science only” search engine. It searches for scientific information only as it states. Similar to Exalead and Searchmash, Scirus adds a sidebar that refines the search for maximum accuracy. It gives suggestions, the ability to search in other sites that are directly related to the term you entered, the ability to save, email, or export certain web sites, etc. (The option to save allows you to save it so that you may access it next time on the same browser, yet not remotely.) Another neat option for research specifically is that it can filter sites and files based on their file type, e.g. HTML, PDF, Word, PS, PPT, TeX.

FinQoo4. FinQoo – FinQoo is a META tag search engine. While similar to Yahoo and Google, it incorporates those features into a newer search engine. One neat feature of FinQoo is the ability to “Quick View.” This option loads the page in the same window, simply under the search result. Other search options include searching for audio, news, images, shopping, and videos.


chacha5.ChaCha – ChaCha is a new human search engine. It integrates search in a previously used way, as well as a fast, and quick mobile answer service. An article ChaCha - Search Engine with Human Guides ChaCha - Search Engine with Human Guides Read More was previously written on Make Use Of about ChaCha, yet they have now upgraded their services and have a new method of search. While you can use the standard ChaCha Classic, ChaCha now features quick answers on the go from anywhere through your phone. You can call ChaCha (18002CHACHA) and ask your question or by text (242242). A confirmation email will be sent to your phone and the answer will arrive in about 1-2 minutes. You can as well use their online service by typing in your question and have it received on your phone with an account for repetitive questions. Even more features arise with the option to have local questions asked, e.g. “Where can I get pizza in New York, NY?” I highly recommend trying it out as it is one of the most effective services out there.

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  1. Dan
    June 16, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    It's good to see that there are companies out there still making search engines. Although Google is fantastic, it's no reason to stop trying to make more that may be slightly more targeted.

  2. Jason
    June 16, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    SearchMash is google's experiemental search engine. Do a whois lookup or maybe a google search before throwing together your daily 'list'.