Another 10 Must-have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

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WordPress Plugins: Part Two

wordpresslogo.jpgThe past day or two has been a real eye-opener for me as I realised for the first time the full breadth and scope of the features available for WordPress. Here was me thinking that Blogger was not that bad but now I am starting to realise what I’ve been missing out on in the 3 years that I have been writing various blogs.

Here are some more WordPress plug-in gems that I picked up today. Again, I have tested some and others I have only looked at. Use them at your own risk.

Show Top Commentators: this is just like the Recent Comments plug-in I discussed in the last post. This is more of an ego-boost for people to come back, keep commenting and stay on the Top Commentators board. This displays a list of the top commentators on your post and it sits in the sidebar.

Trackbackers – allows you to show in your sidebar the blogs that trackback to you the most. This one would be particularly good if a lot of high-profile blogs link to you. This plug-in would allow you to show that off.

Subscribe-Remind – you may have a big orange RSS feed icon on your blog page but sometimes users need a gentle nudge to persuade them to sign up for your feed. This plug-in inserts a sentence at the end of each post inviting them to sign up for the feed – along with a clickable link of course.

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Show Google PageRank – this shows the little green Google PageRank bar and the PR for your blog. It sits in the sidebar and is useful if you plan to attract advertisers to your site. Just one glance at the PageRank will show prospective advertisers how Google rates your site.

Alexa Rank – or if Alexa is more of your thing, here’s a plug-in that allows you to place your Alexa rank in your sidebar.

Random Redirect – another cool plug-in which allows the user to be randomly taken to one of your posts – a bit like StumbleUpon. Just install the plug-in and then make a link with the URL – When a user clicks on the link, they are taken to a random post. A bit like Blog Roulette!

One Year Ago – if you have a blog that is more than one year old, this plug-in allows you to highlight posts from a year ago. Useful for recycling old material and getting fresh sets of eyes on it.

Link Love – This is a plugin which turns off “nofollow” for all commenters who have posted at least 10 comments. Allows you to build up more links.

About Me – every blog needs a human face and this feature allows you to put an About Me column on your page.

Webcam Video Comments – a rather interesting one which allows visitors to create audio and video comments to your posts.

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