AnonyMouse: Surf The Web Anonymously

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When you visit websites online, you leave easily traceable information such as your IP information, your browser type, operating system and other details. AnonyMouse hides all this information and lets you anonymously surf the web via proxy server. Another reason to use this service is to bypass filters in your school or workplace, which limit online access to certain restricted websites.

It’s easy, fast and straightforward. Just enter the website URL into the field and click “Surf anonymously”.


  • Surf the web anonymously without leaving any personally identifiable information about yourself.
  • Bypass filters in your school or work place to get access to restricted websites.
  • Similar sites: CTunne, Prime Proxies and Unblockall.

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Alex Hwang

What if anonymouse is blocked by the school server. Any ideas?



If it is blocked,then set up your own proxy, Following article tells you how to do it:

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