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Presently in the world that we live in, we have to consider the environment in just about every decision we make; shopping included. In one of our recently published articles 6 Websites That Can Help You Become An Educated, Ethical, & Safe Shopper 6 Websites That Can Help You Become An Educated, Ethical, & Safe Shopper In the 21st century and beyond, sustainable living is more than just a buzzword. It is becoming a way of life. But sustainable living and consumerism hardly go hand in hand. If awareness is the... Read More , we asked our readers if they shop for themselves or if they “shop for the environment” as well — do you think about recyclability and how the product was made when you make your purchase? Personally, I often think about the consequences of my purchase and how it affects the environment — but that’s just me.

About a half a year ago, we wrote about a company in the UK called Anokimobi Antibacterial iPhone 4 Case ecoskin Review and Giveaway Antibacterial iPhone 4 Case ecoskin Review and Giveaway Read More which specialises in making products out of organic material. Today, we’ll be looking at some additions to their product line. Plus, we’re giving away a couple of prizes so stick around.

Anokimobi released their e-pouch product line after we reviewed their antibacterial iPhone 4 case in December and I learnt that it was doing quite well and gaining popularity in Europe. The e-pouch line consists of 3 ranges and they are defined by the type of material used to construct the cases: the recycled plastic range, the organic cotton range, and the recycled leather/eco-leather range. All three ranges are interiorly lined with organic cotton, PET or fabrics made out of bamboo. In addition to the iPhone 4, these cases can accomodate a variety of products like MP3 players, cameras and other mobile phones.

Recycled plastic e-pouch range


It’s hard to believe that this pouch was made out of recycled PET. The outer construction is tough and durable yet it feels completely refined. The inner lining is made out of organic cotton and is incredibly soft. There’s a small pouch at the front to store earphones or cards and you’ve got a detachable wrist strap at the side. The top of the pouch seals itself shut with the help of a small strip of velcro. At the top, you’ll find a small loop where you can attach a lanyard to the case.


Although the case was made to fit most phones and not the iPhone specifically, it managed to accomodate my iPhone 3G quite well. The Fusion pouch is sleek, isn’t too bulky, has a super soft interior and seals itself shut at the top and most importantly, it’s made out of recycled materials.


The Edge e-pouch is also made out of recycled materials, plastic bottles to be exact but its overall construction and feel is very different from the Fusion pouch. Whereas the Fusion pouch has a soft and sleek feel to it, the Edge is bulkier and more protective. It has a velcro flap which lifts up to reveal a pull cord to help remove your iPhone from the slip case easily.

On the other side (not pictured), you’ll a more secure, zipped compartment for your necessities e.g. coins, earphones, credit cards, etc. Overall, the Edge is bulkier but it does have that added protection. Like the Fusion pouch, the Edge also has a loop which can be used to attach a lanyard at the top.

Organic cotton e-pouch range


The Luna pouch is almost the same as the Fusion but it’s made out of organic cotton, stuffed with recycled filler material. As a result, it feels softer and more flexible. It’s also slightly shorter than the Fusion, which I found a little odd because the velcro strips weren’t able to meet and seal the pouch shut.

I preferred the feel of the organic cotton, compared to the recycled PET exterior of the Fusion but unfortunately, not being able to seal the case shut was a slight disappointment. Like both pouches shown before, it has a wrist strap at the side and a small loop to attach it to a lanyard.

Eco-leather range

Eco imitation leather Slip

Most of us probably like leather a lot but realistically, purchasing a leather iPhone case just isn’t economical. Plus, why would you want to spend so much money on something as common as an iPhone cover? Anokimobi’s eco imitation leather slip is a great “greener” alternative. It’s made with water-based production methods so there aren’t any toxic chemicals involved in its creation. It uses recycled card stiffeners for added strength and rigidity and there’s a strip of organic cotton down the middle for some style. The interior is lined with organic cotton so, like the pouches above, it’s incredibly soft.

In order words, this eco imitation leather slip is an environmentally-friendly iPhone sleeve which looks great and even though it’s made out of recycled materials, it still manages to pull it off in style.

Velcro Slip

The Velcro Slip is a product which is made out of a combination of recycled PET and eco imitation leather, filled with recycled material. Im in opinion, it’s probably design for the more business-minded user. Unlike the rest of the pouches featured above, the Velcro slip is completely lined with recycled PET on both the exterior and interior. In addition to that, there’s a cross-shaped section of eco leather on both the front and the rear. The pouch features a velcro flap which starts at the rear and swings over to the front, securing your phone in place — this actually helps to accomodate a variety of phone sizes.

Over at the rear, you’ll find a belt loop for those who prefer to wear their phones on their hips. On top of that, the Velcro Slip takes a page out of Anokimobi’s antibacterial iPhone cases and injected the same Biomaster antibacterial silver in the eco leather.

Overall, the pouches from Anokimobi reviewed here were pretty decent. The material used were recycled and organic. All of their packaging used to ship the pouches are recyclable. And so their effect to the environment is a positive one. If you’re thinking of getting a new pouch for your iPhone or iPod touch, think green.

We’ve got 5 Velcro Slips to give away to MakeUseOf readers around the globe!

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