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Do you have the need to know a little bit more about a book before reading it? Do you want to know what people who read a particular book think about it and not just the self-acclaiming reviews published by the author? Ever wanted to share your thoughts about that book you found fascinating with like-minded people? If your answer is yes, then you will love aNobii.

The aNobii is a book community that allows people to share their thoughts about books, read/write book reviews, lend books to each other and find similar books. It also provides people with an option to create personal online bookshelf for tracking books of interest but also let other people know what your taste is. If you like any of the 11 Million titles that aNobii catalogues, it doesn’t only provide you with all the details about the book but also gives you direct links to buy the book from Amazon or similar websites.

book reviews and more

Main features of aNobii:

  • Share your thoughts about millions of titles.
  • Track a book, buy it, or add to your wish-list.
  • Create a list of books you are interested in.
  • See what other users are reading.
  • Swap/trade books with other people.
  • Set the status of each book as “Reading”, “Finished” or “Not Started”.
  • Similar websites: BookBump and LibraryThing.

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