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Twitter is a marvelous tool, filled with fun and interesting people sharing the latest happenings in their lives. People tell some great stories about their day-to-day grind. Twitter can be used to promote things, plan parties and gatherings with your friends, and announce important occurrences in life. You can tell your friends where you are at that exact moment, or even share a picture of your newly born child. These are all amazing ways to connect with people through the magic of Twitter.

However, Twitter also has a darker side. It is also filled with annoying idiots who seem to tweet for the sole purpose of making everyone who has the misfortune of meeting them annoyed. These are the places on Twitter that are most closely akin to a dark alley somewhere. A place you never want to end up. Avoid acting like these people on Twitter, and you may just find your life, and the lives of your friends, that much more joyous.

1. People Who Are Constantly Hashtagging

annoying twitter habits

I hate hashtags HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags Read More . I think they are the absolute most annoying thing on Twitter. I hate them even more when people decide to put like 20 words in a single hashtag. #ImsorryIcantreadyourstupidtweetwhenyouputamillionwordsbehindahashtagwithnospacesinit. When I see something like that on Twitter I immediately click the big “Unfollow” button.

I don’t just hate them when they are long though, I also hate them when people put one in almost every one of their tweets. I’m sorry, but that does not make you cool, and it is not going to get you more followers. Hash tags have a place HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags HOW TO: Effectively Use Twitter Hashtags Read More , but they need to be used sparingly, and they need to be kept short so they are actually readable.

2. People That Follow Thousands Of People

annoying twitter habitsThis drives me crazy. Why follow thousands of people just so they will follow you back? That is completely defeating the point of Twitter. There is no way you can keep up with your Twitter timeline when there is a new tweet every 3 seconds. Twitter was designed for following along with your friends, and people who interest you, not to get 100,000,000,000 people flooding your timeline and the same number reading your tweets who do not care about what you have to say.


Before following someone on Twitter you must ask yourself one simple question: Do I actually care about what this person might be tweeting? If you cannot answer yes to this question than you mustn’t follow them.

3. People Who Use Twitter For One On One Conversation

annoying twitter users

This drives me absolutely insane. Please, if you want to conduct a conversation, text message or direct message the person. It is completely unreasonable to expect all your followers to read your conversation with someone if it extends past 2 or 3 tweets each. Once you realize this is going to become more than a quick exchange, it is time to move along and not force your conversation down everyone else’s throat.

If you don’t like having Twitter followers, go ahead and try this, because it will be a quick way to see your number of followers drop like a lead balloon.

4. People Who Do Nothing But Retweet

annoying twitter users

I understand you want to let people know that you like what they said, but please, have an original thought on your own just once! Twitter is all about sharing, so if you think that something that Justin Bieber said is just super cool, then by all means re-tweet it, but attempt to follow it up at some point with something that you thought of yourself. Why even make a Twitter account if you never intend to actually type something out yourself?

5. People Who Only Use Twitter To Advertise Their Stuff

annoying twitter habits

Twitter is an invaluable tool for promotion 10 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter For Business 10 Innovative Ways To Use Twitter For Business Read More . We all know this, and I will admit, I may be a little guilty of this myself when it comes to tweeting my articles from MakeUseOf. Sometimes it is easy to forget you are posting things to your friends, and real people who aren’t looking to have your links shoved in their face. Please, post your links, and if it interests me I will happily click it, and if not, at least you tried, but also post other things that are interesting.

Maybe a link to someone else’s article from another website? Maybe you could let us know where the party is going to happen tonight, just please, be a human, and not a link posting robot. The obvious exception is if your Twitter account is specifically for a website. People know what they are getting into if they follow an account like that, so it is acceptable.


Twitter is great, if you don’t use it like some of these annoying examples. Please, think of your followers when you tweet, they are the ones who have to suffer through reading the garbage you are posting. Just use common sense, if you think something would annoy you if anyone did it in your timeline, maybe you shouldn’t do it either.

What annoys you on Twitter? Do you follow anyone you wish you could get rid of and can’t because they are a “real life” friend? Let us know in the comments.

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