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annoying things people do on twitterAs I said in my first post about Twitter The Five Most Annoying Things People Do On Twitter The Five Most Annoying Things People Do On Twitter Twitter also has a darker side. It is filled with annoying idiots who seem to tweet for the sole purpose of making everyone who has the misfortune of meeting them annoyed. These are the places... Read More , I love Twitter and have used it since 2007, but there are some things people do on there that get under my skin. Facebook has been making a lot of changes lately that seem to making some of the users angry, and this could lead to an influx of new Twitter users. Hopefully letting them know some Twitter bad habits will keep them from doing them themselves.

Obviously, this is just my opinion, and I probably do many of these annoying things myself from time to time, but I still think it’s necessary to put this stuff out there and try to keep the Twitterverse clear of annoying things as much as possible. So without further ado, and since you guys seemed to enjoy the first article about how annoying people can be on Twitter, here goes another list of five more annoying things.

Using Underscores In A Username

This is a pretty personal annoyance, but I do almost all of my tweeting from my iPhone, and typing an underscore is a pain in the butt. Have you tried to find the stupid underscore while tweeting and driving? I can tell you from first hand experience that it isn’t fun, and it could very well lead to certain death. So please, when creating a username think about all the lives you could be saving by just avoiding that underscore.

annoying things people do on twitter

I know you want a space in your name, and it’s annoying that Twitter doesn’t let you have them. Still, you don’t have to type in your Twitter name, so think of the poor innocent souls who do!

Tweets That Take More Than One Tweet To Finish

Twitter set a 140 character limit for a reason. It is to keep thoughts clear and concise. If the thought you are trying to put out there cannot fit into 140 characters then the chances are it is not really meant for Twitter, and you should consider making a Tumblr blog and linking it to your Twitter. This way the people who want to see your long thoughts can click through on the link and read them, and the ones who don’t want be subjected to your tweet, that actually span 4 or 5 tweets, will be spared.


annoying things on twitter

Also, please don’t compensate for a long tweet by typing like this: “I tryn 2 mk dis shrt so it ftz in twtr lmts n mk ma pnt 2 al u on twtr.” Yes, this fixes the problem of your tweet taking a million tweets, but it also creates a whole new problem of speaking gibberish.

People Who Stalk Celebrities

I think it is awesome that celebrities are all over Twitter as it gives them a quick and easy way to interact with their fans. However, some people take this to extremes and constantly tweet celebrities hoping for that one @ mention from them that will apparently change their life forever.

annoying things on twitter

I’m sorry but celebrities are people too, just like you or I, and I can guarantee that they don’t want their @ reply box filled with the same person trying desperately to start a conversation with them. Think about how much it would annoy you if you had one person constantly tweeting you telling you they loved you, or how amazing you are and how you should totally follow them. Thankfully, Twitter has a block feature, and if you e-stalk celebrities, you can expect them to use it.

Four Square

I really hate to admit it because I love Four Square and I use it every single day, but truth be told, it is annoying. No one really needs to know where everyone else always is. I really wanted to leave this off the list because Four Square doesn’t particularly bother me. My cousin checks in everywhere he goes, and since I mobile follow him I get a text message every time he does. But some of my followers are adamant that my checking in on Four Square annoys them, and I can see their point.

annoying things on twitter

Recently, I have only been sharing select check-ins on Twitter, since Four Square allows you to choose when you push an update through to Twitter. Basically, just use common sense. If you have something to say along with your check in then share it. If not, maybe it’s better to just keep in Four Square.

Automatic Direct Messages

This is literally the quickest way to get unfollowed in my book. If I follow someone new, which is a rarity, because I only follow something like 30 people, and I get an automatic direct message thanking me for following them and suggesting some kind of link to check out their stuff, that is an instant unfollow.

annoying things people do on twitter

I’m really glad you appreciate me following you, but if you really appreciate it, how about an actual @ mention or hand-typed message? Having a bot send a message to me doesn’t really show me that you appreciate it, and therefore it will be time for me to say goodbye.


There you have it, it seems like Twitter is just full of annoying people. Around every corner there is someone doing something bothersome. I realize these articles make it sound like I hate Twitter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Think of me instead as a Twitter vigilante, here to clean up Twitter, one annoying person at a time.

So I’ll ask again, what annoys you on Twitter? Nothing? Everything? Are you a masochist who likes annoying people? Let me know in the comments!

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