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After a night of intense studying or research, you simply do not have the stamina to go through another webpage. What you could really use is for somebody to read out the webpage to you. This immensely useful service is exactly what a tool called Announcify offers.

read webpages outloud

Announcify is a browser extension for Google Chrome that reads out webpages for you. After you install the extension, you will see its icon appear in top right corner of Chrome. Whenever you are on a webpage that you want read out to you, you can simply click on this icon. A new browser tab will appear with the webpage’s text loaded up. The extension will initiate a text-to-speech action that will read out the text on the webpage; the text currently not being read will be blurred out, as you can see in the image above. The default reading voice can be adjusted using the extension’s options.



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