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Anniversary Alert is a free anniversary reminder service that lets you set up important anniversary alerts and be notified in advance of important dates. To set up an alert, simply fill out the anniversary name, date, type, alert advance time (1, 2 or 4 weeks) and email where you want to be notified, and click “Remember”. Done!

No need to register or enter personal contact information. You will have to confirm your alert in your email to activate it.

anniversary reminder service

anniversary reminder software

If you made a mistake in your alert, you can easily update it later. Simply click the “Update alert” button on the homepage and provide your email. You will be provided with a link, where you can make the necessary changes.


  • Anniversary reminder software online.
  • Anniversary event types: weddings, birthdays or personal achievement dates.
  • Create as many alerts as you want.
  • Receive alerts 1,2 or 4 weeks prior to the anniversary date.
  • Update/edit alert information later on by email.
  • All the provided information remains 100% confidential and never shared with outside parties.
  • Free, no registration needed to create and update alerts.
  • Similar tools: textWeight, NudgeMail, Alertful, FollowUp, RemindTRON, PingMe,,, Memorari, Urge-Me and QuickReminders.
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