You Can Now Try Angry Birds Space For Free On iOS Devices [Updates]

angry birds free 300   You Can Now Try Angry Birds Space For Free On iOS Devices [Updates]If you’re an iOS user, and never before felt like paying money to try Angry Birds Space, you can now try the first 10 levels for free on your iPhone or iPad. Although the full game (ad supported) is available for free on Android, iOS users have never enjoyed the benefit of a free version, and had to pay outright even to try the game.

The new free version of the iOS game offers ten levels out of the full eighty available on the full version, but also includes free updates, so some more levels could be added with time. The game is ad-supported, but gives iOS users the chance to check out the zero-gravity gameplay of Angry Birds Space, and decide for themselves whether they want to spend the $0.99 on the full game.

angry birds space   You Can Now Try Angry Birds Space For Free On iOS Devices [Updates]

The difference between iOS and Android versions is not unique to Angry Birds Space, and previous installments of the Angry Birds series were also more costly on the iOS platform. On the other hand, at least according to Rovio, iOS users enjoy more levels in their paid version than do Android users.

At $0.99, this is not a pricey game either way, but if you’ve always wanted to try it, risk free, you now have the chance to do so.

Have you already bought Angry Birds Space for iOS? Will you try the free version?

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Oh come on, if you can’t shell out a buck, then you don’t deserve to play it.

Yaara Lancet

It actually used to cost more when it was just released. $0.99 really is cheap, but it’s nice to have some free levels to try nonetheless. :)

Mike DeGeorge

I disagree. iOS users have had the free versions of Angry Birds for a bit of time now.

Yaara Lancet

You mean the regular Angry Birds? Yeah, for sure, but when it was newer I remember it being available for free on Android but there was no free version on iOS.


i love angry birds


That’s why I like the Google Play store. Why would I want to pay $0.99 for Angry Birds, and then have to pay $2.99 for the HD version for iOS devices when I can get the both versions for free on Android?

Yaara Lancet

I really do wonder why iOS can’t have a full, ad-supported version as well. Let people view ads if they choose to or buy the full version if they choose to.