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The very popular game, Angry Birds, has finally made its way to the social networking site Facebook.

play angry birds on facebook

I am sure everyone knows about Angry Birds and the controls of the game. The game is no different on Facebook, and follows identical controls and objectives as its counterparts on the iPhone, Android and desktop versions.

The game is Flash based and has a few new features not found in its counterparts such as power-ups. There are four different types of power-ups found in the Facebook version of the game, which ultimately make your bird stronger, more accurate and much more harder hitting than your friend’s birds.

Just visit the link and let the Angry Birds app access your Facebook account. Once done, the game will load and will show you all of your friends who are playing the game and their scores.



Check out Angry Birds @

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  1. angry birds online
    March 22, 2012 at 4:26 am

    Great games! i love it.