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Sometimes, operating your mobile phone is inconvenient when using the phone’s small display. To help you with this problem, numerous applications have been created to let you control your phone through your computer. One of these useful applications is called Android Screencast.

control android from a computer

Android Screencast is a simple Java-based application that lets you control your Android phone from your computer. Using the app is very simple. First you install the Android SDK, then ensure that you have Java Runtime Environment installed, and then finally you run the Screencast application.

The application currently supports mouse and keyboard control for rooted devices, landscape mode, video recording, and basic file browsing.


  • Based on Java.
  • Lets you control your Android through your computer.
  • Supports mouse and keyboard control.
  • Supports video recording.
  • Supports basic file browsing.
  • Similar tool: Webkey, Youtube Remote, Utorrent Remote and Ashot.

Check out Android Screencast @


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