Android KitKat? Give Me A Break!

As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s true — the next version of Google Android’s operating system is nicknamed KitKat. That’s Nestle’s KitKat. Surely it’s receiving its fair share of mockery. Remember when Apple announced the iPad? Anyways, here’s a collection of Android 4.4, KitKat-related media.

With 2 mega-bites, 4 megabites, or a chunky-bit option… we’ve got you covered

Image credit: NestlĂ©’s photostream

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I’m hungry now after reading this!


Looks good, right?



Wow, thats so childish. I can’t take Google seriously anymore. Time for me to switch to another company.


Almost responded differently until I saw your username

Alex D

It’s okay Snickers, there’s always Android 4.5


Actually Snickers would have to wait until android 5.2 unfortunately.

Justin P

That username. You win The Internet today in my books.


Tee hee

Howard B

@noober: Actually, the next name would be for 5.0.



NestlĂ©’s #1 consumer complaint is missing wafer in their Kit Kat. That’s not “confectionery perfectionery” haha.


Tim B

I really think this is a terrible move for Google and Android but much of that comes from my dislike of Nestle with all their tax dodging, baby killing, two-fingers to the environment culture of doing things. That’s Nestle, responsible for an estimated 1.4 million infant deaths and a company that refuses to switch to sustainable sources of palm oil due to what can only be summed up as corporate greed. But it’s all ok, because “Android!” – right?

It’s pretty much the perfect example of marketing tripe gone mad in a world that covers up so much wrongdoing with marketing stunts like this.

Open Source

Nestle’s a monolithic corporation whose CEO thinks that: Water is not a Human Right but should be privatised. They once tried to convince the world that their milk was superior to breast milk. Ethics appear to have no-place at Google any more. Google have just devalued & cheapened their product.

It removes the open source feel of Android

See him at



Android was never actually open. Don’t be deluded. Google is a greedy corp just like nestle and they deserve each other.


Humza A

Cheeky stuff there :), so the next version after K would supposedly be called Lotte Choco Pie? geddit eh? eh? Darn, my average sense of humor :P.


Akshat K

lol. i hope the os doesnt snap like the chocolate



That last picture omg.

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