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Firefox for Android has recently updated privacy options to include a “Do Not Track” feature, which is a huge step for smartphone privacy online. Firefox is one of the leading browsers in this respect, and more mobile web browsers are expected to follow this privacy move in the near future.

When a user tells Firefox to enable the “Do Not Track” option, Firefox tells advertisers and marketers that the user has opted out of third-party behavioural tracking with cookies. This gives users the power to decide whether they are tracked online for advertising purposes which amounts to far better privacy options for users.

Firefox Android Beta has the new privacy features available, so download your copy of the new Firefox Android Beta here.

Android Firefox users can turn on the “Do Not Track” option by going to Menu > Preferences and choosing “Tell sites not to track me”.

The FTC advocates the availability of the “Do Not Track” privacy option for all browsers, including mobile browsers, and especially recommends the “Do Not Track” option for use by children.


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Will the new “Do Not Track” feature make Firefox your favourite Android browser? Let us know in the comments!

Image Source:TechCrunch

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