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Welcome to our weekly column listing great games and apps that are on sale right now. Act fast, and enjoy some great discount on these well-reviewed finds! This week’s big find is Neuroshima Hex, one of the best-reviewed board games for Android. Find it below, along with several other great deals for those quick enough to act!


MathStudio: Previously $20, now “just” $10. Yup, even at a 50% discount this well-reviewed math app remains one of the priciest apps around. If you truly understand what it does, you may be the target audience. For the rest of us, all I can say is that it’s full of squiggly-looking lines.

Wave: Previously $1.50, now $1. Yes, you save only fifty cents, but I still decided to include it just because it’s such a pretty live wallpaper:

My Backup Pro: Previously $5, now $3. One of the best-reviewed backup apps out there, with over 25,000 reviews and a 4.6-star average. If you find Titanium Backup too complicated, you should check it out.


This week’s sales see mostly games, a few of which are quite good:

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Neuroshima Hex: Previously  $3, now $1. The star of the show, if you ask me: A very well-regarded board game that started out on iOS and made the transition over to Android. Here’s a video showing what it’s all about:

Rayman Jungle Run: Previously $3, now $1. A lovely, classic platformer from Ubisoft, that has recently seen 1080p support added so it runs well on Sony Xperia Z (yay!) and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Blood of the Zombies: Previously $6, now $2. Well, it is Halloween, is it not? Had to include this lovely piece of interactive fiction. Not really a game, but more of a “choose your own adventure” book converted to digital format.

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