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Each week we scour current Google Play promotions and cherry-pick the best of the best. This week we have hit game Draw Something 2, crazy platformer Sonic 4, the all-time classic Monopoly game at a big discount, and several other gems you can check out below.

Because app sales are temporary affairs, by the time you read this, these may no longer be on sale. Worry not: Simply check back next week for some more Android deals!


Monopoly, ($5, now $2)

Yes, this is not a professionally-produced video promoting EA’s great Monopoly game. The reason I decided to show it here is that it demonstrates a great way to play: On your big-screen TV. One of the nice things about traditional monopoly (i.e, in board-game form) is the communal feeling — everyone sits around the table and you get your game on. With an Android smartphone, some of that is lost.. but when you connect it to a big-screen TV, it can feel like family time all over again.

Draw Something 2, ($3, now $1)

Yes, Draw Something lost some of its initial frenzied hype… which means now only the serious players are left. If you’re still into Draw Something at this stage of its evolution, you know what it’s about. This is a chance to get the follow-up for a third of its regular price. The game includes a gallery where you can marvel at other player’s creations. We’ve covered the game’s iOS launch, and now Android users get some love, too.


It’s important to note that there is a free version of Draw Something 2, so as I said, this one’s for the die-hards – people who love the game and have been waiting for a price drop.

What’s the Phrase, ($2, now $1)

Yes, another Zynga game! And here, too, you’re supposed to guess stuff — only this time it’s phrases. This has a free version too, but the paid version has no ads and it gives you more free coins. At 50% off, it’s not a bad bargain, even if it only keeps you amused for a few hours. Then again, like many other Zynga games, if you have some friends who are into it you may find yourself spending more than just a few hours at this.

Sonic 4 Episode 1, ($4, now $1)

Intense platforming action at breakneck speed. Even if you never played Sony back in Sega days, this is a really fun platformer , and it made the transition over to mobile quite well. Note that it’s not without its glitches, so do take a moment to test it right after you buy it (when you’re still within Google’s 15-minute refund window). If it works well on your device, you’re in for a treat.

Clouds & Sheep Premium, ($4, now $1)

Just like the Zynga games, there is a free version of Clouds & Sheep, but the paid version drops the ads and gives you 1,000 stars (in-game currency of sorts). Think Tamagotchi-meets-Farmville, with painfully cute graphics. This is a fun game for kids, too, which is why it’s nice they have parental lock for in-app purchases.

Fist of Awesome, ($4, now $1)

Punch bears, save humanity, or so the tagline goes. From obnoxiously adorable sheep we switch to a gritty retro-pixel punch fest, where you not only get to punch bears, but also dinosaurs, foxes, and other fauna both real and extinct. This game doesn’t discriminate, and you’ll find yourself fighting and punching just about anything in sight. Not very kiddy-friendly, but then again, grown-ups sometimes want to game, too. This one’s available for Ouya and Gamestick too.


MoreQuicklyPanel, (1.66, now 0.99)

Quick toggles in the notification panel — enough said. This used to be a must in pre-ICS days, but today many users prefer the Quick Settings style, with several settings tiles that take up the entire screen. If you miss having quick-toggle buttons on top of your notification shade, this is one versatile way to get them back. You can pick what toggles you want, rearrange them, and customize the colors used.

My Budget Book, ($3.89, now $1.49)


This is a versatile expense tracker. Not very Holo at all, which makes its overall 4.7-star rating all the more impressive (and it’s not just friends and family rating – it’s based on over 4,000 reviews). Comes with 4 widgets, supports over 100 currencies. You can use it to manage multiple accounts, which is handy for small business owners or employees who have an expense account.

Tune in next week for some more great Android deals! And of course, feel free to share your finds and favorites in the comments below.

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