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There are numerous websites available online that let people collaborate in teams. While most of these tools offer effective solutions, they often come with distracting side-features that disturb a team member’s work; for instance someone may keep getting chat notifications for the group even if they are not being referred to. These problems are solved by the excellent collaboration web app AndBang.

collaboration tool for teams

AndBang is free to use for two-member teams and costs $10 per month for additional members with a 14 day trial. With AndBang you can quickly setup tasks and invite team members to your team’s online dashboard. Here you will find all the listed tasks. Team members can click on the lightning icon next to a task to indicate that they are working on it. By viewing the task a team member is working on, you will not need to ask them if they are available or busy. Group chatting is also supported by the site but it notifies you of messages only if conversations in the group are referring to you.

Altogether, these features work to provide you with a distraction-free workspace.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you collaborate in teams.
  • Is free for 2-member teams.
  • Lets team members indicate which task they are working on.
  • Chat notifies you when group conversations refers to you.
  • Similar tools: Conceptboard, CoSketch, Twiddla, Squareleaf, Pindax, and Workhack.

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