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Managing clipboards is one of the underrated things that affect our computing productivity. If you spend a lot of time copying and pasting texts from one file to another, and have too many items on the clipboard, it can be very hard to keep track of them all.

search clipboard history

If you are a hacker yourself, or love to work with terminals, you can check out Anamnesis. This tool lets you search for a history of your clipboard so you can paste or copy items from it, and then include them in your workflow. It also becomes very handy when you forget texts that you have put on your clipboard.

Once you have gone over the slight inconvenience of installing the app using a terminal, running and using it goes much smoother. It includes a graphic interface so that you can perform a full-text search. Custom commands let you find the last certain number of items from your clipboard history, or search for a specific word string.

Anamnesis is available for Linux operating systems with some minor dependencies that you need to install. This app is a great way to keep track of your clipboard history and pull them up quickly.


  • Free, easy to use.
  • Use GUI or terminal commands to pull up clipboard history.
  • Search for specific text strings from your clipboard list.
  • Needs gtk, python, pygtk, and sqlite to run.
  • Similar tools: MultiCopy, iClippy and PicoNote.

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