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Amy Editor is a web-based collaborative code editing editing tool for developers. It sports useful features like smart indentation, syntax highlighting, code folding, customizable key shortcuts and more. You can organize documents into projects and edit multiple documents at once using tabbed panes.

Word completion is an interesting feature on Amy Editor. By pressing the Esc key on any incomplete word, you can let the editor look up any combination of words in the document starting with the same sequence of characters.

collaborative code editing

Invite other people to collaborate on your project files by sending them an email. Amy Editor currently supports programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, C#, Java, HTML, Python etc., It also enables you to easily change the color theme of the editor.


  • Web based collaborative source code and text editor.
  • Edit and download source code files.
  • Features smart indentation, syntax highlighting and code folding.
  • Invite other people to collaborate on your project files.
  • Free for use, no sign up required.
  • Similar tools: Ecoder, TextSnip, CodeFetch and CodePaste.

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