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Amplify is a nice tool that helps you share content you come across while browsing the web on multiple social sites, and also to your Amplify blog which gets created during your sign up process. The site offers a browser bookmarklet and add-ons for Firefox and Chrome. It provides options to clip text and images off a page for sharing, writing a post on your Amplify blog, writing a status update that can extend beyond 140 characters, and sharing simultaneously on services like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous, Delicious and many more.

You can add multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. This also includes multiple Facebook pages which is quite cool in my opinion. Overall, a nice tool that organizes your online sharing.


  • Clip and share content on multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Connect multiple Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  • Write blog posts, and also write long status updates.
  • Schedule posts for later.

Check out Amplify @


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