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AmieStreet is a marketplace for indie music (music from Independent Artists). It’s a leading place for a cheap good quality indie music. Basically everything that is posted to Amiestreet initially listed for free and can be easily downloaded to your PC/iPod. However, once songs start to get popular they can increase upto 98 cents depending on popularity. Popularity of the song is directly proportional to the number of times its been bought on AmieStreet.


  • Download undiscovered songs for free OR buy popular ones
  • Earn credit on AmieStreet by recommending songs to friends (the more popular it becomes the more you can earn-upto 98 cents)
  • Upload original tunes and earn money based on its popularity
  • iPod freindly: AmieStreet tracks are DRM free
  • Update: The service has been purchased by Amazon.

Visit: Amiestreet

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