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All computers include dozens of utility apps that perform all types of small and large services, from copying text and photos to the clipboard, to performing disk repair permissions. Apple, like other computer developers, often adds and removes various utilities from one system upgrade to the next.

But thanks to dedicated third-party developers, we get applications that bring back certain functions and features removed from earlier versions of the OS. This is the case with Amelita – a menu bar app consisting of several handy utilities for performing various tasks on selected items on your Mac.

Amelita is not for everyone, and some of its features you’ll probably never use. But since it’s a free download from the Mac App Store, it’s worth taking a look at, and if you like it, provide the developer a positive comment. Amelita combines several functions, usually in the Finder’s contextual menu, that act on select files. It can combine PDF files, make images from icons, change your desktop background, and much more. However, some of its functions may not be clear to many novice and intermediate Mac users, so I cover few useful ones below.

Changing Desktop Background

From time to time, I need to change the desktop background on my MacBook Air when I’m using it in a meeting or with a client. It’s not a big hassle to make background changes in System Preferences, but Amelita enables me to do so from the menu bar. And on top of that, it remembers and lists my most recent changes so I can quickly return to them.

Amelita 5

To use this feature, simply click on your desktop, and select Desktop Pictures in the drop-down menu of Amelita. From there you get options for locating your current background image, setting a new background, or changing to a recent one.

Make Images From Icons

Amelita can create an image of any selected icon in your Mac Finder. This is not something most Mac users will need, but for bloggers it may come in handy. The lead icon for this article was created using Amelita, and it saved me from having to manually take a screenshot of the icon in my Finder. The size of Amelita’s images are always 512 x 512 pixels, but they can of course be resized in Photoshop or Preview.

Amelita 2

You simply select the icon(s), and then select Make Images From Icons in Amelita.

Combine PDFs

If you’re going paperless, you no doubt accumulate or create lots of PDFs for later reading. Well, Amelita can actually combine two or more PDF files into one. There are several other apps, including Apple’s Preview, that can do the same thing, but Amelita can perform the task right from the menu bar in three easy steps.

Amelita 8

Select the PDFs, choose Combine Files Into PDF in Amelita, and then just choose where to save the combined document. You can even combine several image files into a PDF using Amelita. Your original files will be unchanged.

Copy & Paste Webpage Title

If you regularly need to copy and paste the title of articles from a webpage, you know it’s a hassle to select the title and press Command+C. Again, Amelita shortens the steps to one click from the menu bar. If the webpage title matches the title of the article, simply select Copy and Paste Title in Amelita. Done.

Copy and paste title

Set Icons From Web Location

Another web related feature of Amelita is the ability to change a webloc icon to the favicon (or “shortcut icon”) of a selected web location file. This might be useful if you want to save the webloc and use the favicon as its preview icon. The icon image will be blown up, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Change webloc icon

Add Senders To Address Book

Another little action in Amelita creates a new group in your Contacts application of the names and email addresses of selected senders in your Mail. Sure, you can save senders’ contact info from Mail to your Contacts list, but Amelita actually puts those names into a folder for you. The folder gets titled “Amelita” with the current date, so you will need to go in and change it. But other than that, Amelita saves you several clicks in the process.

Amelita 11

There are several other perhaps less useful actions that Amelita can perform, including changing the case of titles, getting movie info, and removing icons. Different users have different needs, so let us know if you find a couple of utility actions useful for your workflow.

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  1. Mac Witty
    October 6, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Nice collection of actions script for us who don't write then ourselves

    • Bakari Chavanu
      October 8, 2012 at 5:33 pm

      Yep, totally agree. I've tried scripting, it's not that easy to understand. So yeah, thanks to the developers.

  2. Kavita
    October 6, 2012 at 11:43 am

    nice free software...

    • Bakari Chavanu
      October 8, 2012 at 5:33 pm

      Thanks for the feedback, Kavita.