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One of my favorite things about the Mac is how easy is it to add customizations and tweaks to make it behave exactly how I want. On the iTunes App Store there are all kinds of little tweaks that let you fine tune your Mac to work to your standards. One of the more interesting ones I have come across is called AmbiLauncher Lite. It allows you to launch apps and scripts with just a flick of the mouse.

launch an app

The tweak adds a color spectrum along the side of the screen. Each of these colors can be associated with an application or a script. You link an app to the color through the settings screen, and then when you make the proper mouse motion in that color it will launch theĀ chosenĀ app or run the selected script.

ambilauncher lite

There is also a paid version of the application. With the paid version you can have the colors appear on either side of the screen, the top, or the bottom. With the free version you are limited to just the left side.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to launch your favorite apps, this is a must-have tweak.



  • Quickly launch apps or run scripts with just a flick of the mouse.
  • Link apps to different colors so you can have multiple apps associated with the tweak.
  • Functional and beautiful.
  • Paid version offers more customization.

Find AmbiLauncher Lite on the Mac App Store

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