Ambient Mixer: Listen To Ambient & Relaxing Sounds

We all have ourĀ favouriteĀ bands that we listen to. But at times tunes comprised of natural sounds are the only thing that can relax us. If you would like to listen to these sounds, visit a site called Ambient Mixer.

Smb   Ambient Mixer: Listen To Ambient & Relaxing Sounds

Ambient Mixer is a free to use website that offers a wide variety of natural sound environments. Ranging from “Rainforest” to “Light thunderstorm” you will find many peaceful natural sound scenarios on the site. All you have to do is click on one, wait for the audio files to load up, and listen. Each sound scenario is also accompanied by a brief description for interested readers.

PAuse   Ambient Mixer: Listen To Ambient & Relaxing Sounds

Furthermore, sound settings let you modify them and create your own unique mixes. Of the eight audio channels, you can control each oneā€™s sound type and volume. The results can be saved and revisited anytime you want.


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This is great stuff! I’m a therapist and I just created a sound environment for my office and my customers.


Thanks for your feedback, Lisa! It’s great to hear that you found the tool useful.