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Have you found yourself completely broke when the month has not even ended? If yes, then you are in definite need of a better system to manage your finances. You need a tool through which you can log your income and expenses so that you are constantly monitoring how much money you have – something that will help you keep your spending under control. Here to help you do this is an app called Amber Money.

manage personal finances android

Amber Money is a free to use smart device application compatible with Android devices. The app is sized at nearly 1.6 MB and requires your smartphone to be running version 2.2 or later of the Android OS. The function of the app is to help you manage your finances on your phone. The application offers numerous tools that facilitate personal finance management.

Among these tools you will find expenses categories management, easy income management, the ability to view available balance, simple and clear stats for your finances, the ability to attach location and photos to your finances for good points of reference, a payments calendar and reminders to ensure you do not forget payments, support for multiple currencies, and full support for ICS and tablets.

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