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The Internet has been abuzz with all things Amazon. Specifically, all things Kindle. Amazon recently had a giant media event where they went wild and crazy announcing all kinds of new hardware. If you did not follow the constant stream of live-blogs that were all over the Internet, here’s a handy summary of the big announcements in one quick article.

The first announcement, and the one that has most people excited, is the revealing of the Kindle Fire HD with 4G LTE. It will run $499 and feature 32GB of storage space. As far as data is concerned, you can get 150 MB of data through AT&T and 20GB of Amazon’s cloud storage for $50 a year. Amazon made it clear that they are coming after Apple’s iPad, which starts at the same price.

Amazon also announced the Kindle Fire HD. These models come in two different sizes. The first one features a seven-inch screen and 16GB of memory and will cost $199. Amazon will ship the seven-inch model on September 14. The second model is 8.9-inches and will have the same amount of memory. This model will set you back $299. This one will ship sometime in November.

Amazon also announced the Kindle Paperwhite. It’s a smaller, sleeker version of the regular Kindle. It offers more contrast, more pixels per inch and it has a new capacitive touch screen. It will ship on October 1st and cost $179 with 3G and $119 without.


Amazon also announced a new parental control feature called FreeTime. It is coming to Fire HD and offers parents an incredible amount of control over how their kids use the device. It allows parents to set all kinds of time limits and fine-tune how the time limits are in place. For example, they can set it so their child can only watch 30 minutes of video per day, but they can read as many books as they want.

Overall, Amazon came over very strong for this event. They are bringing some fantastic hardware to the market that everyone needs to keep an eye on.

Source: AllThingsD

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