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Amazon has rolled out a much-needed update to its audiobook application Audible that finally brings native support to iPad. The update also has some improvements that fix the original iPhone version, so it’s a solid update all around for people who use Audible as a method of consuming books.

Audible on iPad is optimized to work with both the 7.9-inch iPad Mini and the 9.7-inch screen on the larger iPad models. Amazon designed the tablet version of the application to be more engaging when browsing through the store or listening to books in the application.

This should be a welcome change for Audible users, as more than a fifth of people using the iPhone version of the application were actually running it on their iPad.

The app has also been refreshed on iPhone to go along with the iPad support. The interface has been redone, and now features buttons on the bottom of the screen that are designed to make navigating around the app a smoother process. Each of the pages has also been adjusted, so navigating around them is a lot smoother.

The biggest improvements come to the “Me” section. It adds all kinds of statistics, and a badge collection feature that is quite similar to Foursquare and GetGlue.


The app has also been updated to support downloads over cellular network, but it’s limited to the first 50MB at the moment. Hopefully that restriction is lifted soon.

Audible’s intention was to make sure the look and feel of the app is consistent across both the iPad and iPhone versions, and this update definitely achieves that goal.

Source: TheNextWeb

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