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For all you Kindle users out there, has just started a new @Author Questions and Answers forum in which participating authors can be asked questions about themselves and their books. Any Amazon member who has purchased items from the site can ask, reply to or read existing questions to and from participating authors; and all visitors to can view current questions or answers on author pages.

So far, participating authors for @Author Questions include Ted Dekker, Timothy Ferriss, Marie Force, Barbara Freethy, Steven Johnson, Robert Kiyosaki, J.A. Konrath, John Locke, Elisa Lorello, C.J. Lyons, Debbie Mack, Brad Meltzer, Scott Nicholson, Susan Orlean, Deborah Reed, and James Rollins. Also, many other authors whose books are sold on have their own author pages, and many include contact information.


Kindle users can initiate questions by highlighting a passage in a Kindle book by participating author, and typing “@author” followed by the question, and using the Tweet/Share option on their Kindle. Readers can also visit the Amazon Author Page to post questions and read responses.

Amazon says :

If you don’t have a Twitter account associated with your account, you’ll have the option to press Alt + Enter to manage your social network registration before your message is posted.

According to the FAQ page on the Author Guidelines, readers can ask questions about such things as characters in a book, the author’s style of writing, and personal queries that may be related to the author and his or her works.


Source: Mashable

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