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In the market for a new cell phone? Shopping around can be frustrating, as each of the major carriers have similar phones with differing services. Shopping at  Amazon’s  cell phone comparison shop reduces this difficulty by putting phones from three major carriers – AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon – in one place.

You’ll be able to compare every phone on the market and order them with 2-day shipping. Not only that, but you’ll have access to Amazon’s famous reviews, which will give you a very clear idea of whether a given phone is right for you or not.

cell phone comparison shop

Get to the site and you’ll immediately see the top phones currently on sale, sorted by the number of people who have purchased them on Amazon. You’ll also be given the option to browse the phones by carrier – useful if you’re already locked into a contract.

What is sorely missing, it seems to me, is a way to compare the total cost of the phone: service as well as the phone itself. Still, for a service that’s still in beta, this service is a great way to explore your options in terms of cell phones. Best of all, as mentioned previously, is the access to user reviews. These will give a really good idea of how well the phones work.


  • Mobile phone comparison shop from Amazon.
  • Most phones on the market, all in one place for easy shopping.
  • Two-day delivery for all phones.
  • Sorted by popularity, carrier, price, feature, color and brand.
  • User reviews as you expect from Amazon.
  • Similar tools: PhoneFinder and TryPhone.

Check out Amazon Wireless @

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