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Amazon has decided to sneak a new Collections feature into its already wide range of options. This works with a user’s Wish List and allows them to sort items in a way that looks very similar to how Pinterest, allowing users to display the cool things they come across on the web.

Like Pinterest, users can see something of a virtual corkboard where he or she can jump in and “pin” things they like. Of course, this is an Amazon service, so it’s not as wide-reaching as Pinterest, which lets users share things from all over the web.

The new feature starts users out with three categories – my style, want list and possibilities. Of course, it wouldn’t be a cool service at all if this was all users could do, so Amazon allows users to customize the categories to work with their taste. There is no limit to the number of collections available, so users can go crazy if they want.

Users can also follow others on Collections, which could equate to a cool way to find some stuff on Amazon. When a user sees something on the site they like, they can “Heart” it to let others know. They can also see something on another user’s collections and add it their own quickly and easily.


Amazon has had this feature in a testing stage for a while, with only bloggers and public figures invited to try it. Even now with its quiet release, it’s clear that Amazon still considers this something of a beta. Depending on user response, it will be interesting to see if users start jumping in and using the feature, or it becomes something that fades away with time.


Source: TechSpot

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