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Amazon has issued a new software update for their popular Kindle Fire. This update includes the ability to password protect purchases made on your device and much improved parental controls. Users have been clamoring for these features, and it is great to see Amazon making it happen.

The password protection addition is something that iPad owners probably take for granted, but it is good for Amazon to step up to the plate and address the problem. Obviously, if your device isn’t password protected, then anyone could pick up your Kindle Fire and start buying things without your permission. For instance, if you let your child play with the device they could go to the store and buy things by accident. With this update, that will not be an issue anymore.

With the update to parental controls, parents can now block certain content libraries. They also added the ability to completely block the Silk browser using parental controls.

Kindle Fire software version 6.3.1 also adds some smaller features such as: improved sharing, book extras, archival of personal documents, print-replica textbooks, reading view in the Silk browser, and more.

Your device should update automatically over the next few days when you connect to a WiFi network. For instructions on updating manually and for a complete breakdown of every feature included in the update, check out this article from Amazon.


Source: Cnet

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