Amazon Posts 50 Stories of Love for Valentine’s Day [Updates]

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day in the US, the leading online bookseller Amazon has posted an interactive webpage titled 50 Great American Love Stories, which consist of novels selected by Amazon editors whose setting take place in one of 50 states in the union. The selected novels, of course, are of the classic romance genre (both fiction and nonfiction) of consuming passion, twisted tales of love gone wrong, and complex stories about the bonds between family and friends.

All the novels can be browsed and viewed on the Love Stories page, but clicking on a particular state will jump your browser to the section of the page where representative novel appears. For example, Fannie Flagg’s Fried Green Tomatoes At the Wilson Stop CafĂ© was chosen for the state of Alabama, Furious Love, by Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger, represents California, and Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer prize-winning masterpiece, Beloved, is set in Ohio.

Many of the selections are indeed classics, including Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind (Georgia), Eric Segal’s Love Story (Massachusetts), and Louise Edrich’s Love Medicine (North Dakota). Authors for other states include Tennessee Williams (Mississippi), James Michener (Hawaii), Zora Neil Hurston (Florida), Ann Rule (Delaware), and Bobbie Ann Mason, author of An Atomic Romance (Kentucky).

Some states include one or more supplemental novels, and each selection includes a link to its respective product page for purchasing a paper or Kindle edition. Amazon’s Love Stories page is similar to the site’s interactive map for the 2012 US presidential election, which included top political books read by its customers in the “blue” and “red” states.

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Have you checked out Amazon’s love story collection? What do you think of the story for your favourite state?

Source: Amazon via Mashable

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Ron Lister

I have a great Idea to boost the economy, we’ll just invent 12 more hollidays that involve gift giving one for each month. That ought to do it.

Bakari Chavanu

Lol, good point Ron. An economy of buying and selling. Always be sure to consume.

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