Amazon Offers Monthly Prime Membership Subscription [Updates]

freeshipping amazon   Amazon Offers Monthly Prime Membership Subscription [Updates]The huge book and product seller, recently introduced a month-to-month pay option for its popular Amazon Prime services. Customers can now pay $7.99 per month for the service instead of the annual $79 fee.

Amazon Prime enables customers to forgo individual shipping charges for most items ordered on the site. With Prime, members typically receive their orders within two days of ordering, with no extra charge, and no minimum order size. Overnight shipments typically cost Prime members $3.99. The cut-off time for ordering products is listed alongside other shipment options. Items are delivered every day but Sunday.

Amazon Prime 2   Amazon Offers Monthly Prime Membership Subscription [Updates]

Of course, the monthly subscription will cost customers more—$95.88 for a full year membership, which is common for pay-as-you-go plans.

Amazon does include a few other incentives for Prime membership, including unlimited instant streaming of selected movies and TV shows labeled, “Prime Instant Videos,” and access to the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library where members can loan and borrow Kindle books online. Prime Instant Videos can be watched on computers and supporting mobile devices with a WiFi connection.

Amazon Prime 1   Amazon Offers Monthly Prime Membership Subscription [Updates]

Prime members can also share their paid subscription with up to four additional family members living in the same household, or with two coworkers on a related account.

Typically Amazon Prime works best for customers who make weekly or biweekly orders from the site, which includes millions of all the items besides books. The month-to-month description may be useful for customers who make heavy seasonal or holiday purchases, say for instance during the holiday season.

Source: Washington Post

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Boni Oloff

I think this is only works in USA, i also see this feature these last weeks. But never activate it, no shipment received in 2 days in my country from USA, even the parcel shipment inside country takes 2 days.. :D

Bakari Chavanu

Boni, thanks for keeping us informed on this issue. It’s sometimes difficult see the limitations of these services because the sites don’t state where the services are not provided.

Adrian Rea

If this does work out, it may be a great way to pay for reduce the cost of Christmas without paying for it through the year, but I would like it in the UK please Amazon!

Bakari Chavanu

Adrian, exactly. Subscribing in December would be a very good time. My wife and I tend to most our holiday shopping on Amazon now because it’s less costly than shopping at brick and mortar stores locally.

Ahmed Khalil

their is no confirmation in the article about coverage area of this service (USA only or Not)

Bakari Chavanu

Ahmed, I’ll try to research in the future where services are available outside the U.S.. Often times website companies don’t state where their services are not available.

Joel Lee

I’ve always been hesitant to get Amazon Prime because I never knew if I’d order enough stuff to justify the price, but a monthly option does sound enticing. Hmm…

Bakari Chavanu

Joel, I would say if you regularly oder 2-3 or more times a month, a yearly subscription may be useful. Or use the monthly subscription during seasonal times.

Josh Hill

I was an early adopter of Prime and it has been well worth the money to me. I ship everything two day and the savings alone there are huge. Monthly wouldn’t work for me, but folks could really take advantage of that during the holidays. Nice move by Amazon to add market share.

Drew Butler

My thoughts exactly :)

Bakari Chavanu

Thanks for the feedback, Josh.

Drew Butler

Awesome!! Thanks for the heads up. My free month of prime expires in about a week and was going to cancel it because I can’t afford the $79 right now even though I love the service. Thanks to this change in their payment options I can keep Prime! Woohoo!

Bakari Chavanu

Drew, you’re probably one of the types of Prime customers they had in mind when deciding to do month-to-month.

Drew Butler

I sure am :) thanks again for the article and all the responses to comments.

Ari Shrum

Order at least $25 and ground shipping is free and usually makes it anywhere in the U.S. in 2 or 3 days. What’t the point, unless you watch and read on Amazon?

Josh Hill

Mine virtually always make it in two days… and on the rare occasion I get the items overnight. For me, it is worth it. Keeps me from having to hit the big box stores.

Boni Oloff

Prime is really good feature when you think you should get the stuff faster. But in many country it is impossible to do.

Bakari Chavanu

Boni, if you don’t mind me asking, what country do you live in?

Bakari Chavanu

Ari, I think if you order about at least 5 or more items per month, you’re probably saving money on postage in the long run. Before my wife and I started using Prime, I tried doubling up orders for +$25 but it didn’t always work out like that. So the $75 seems like a pretty good deal for us. My wife still orders lots of paper books and other items from Amazon, but I try to stick to digital downloads. I think we should by more groceries from there as well.It also helps that Prime members also get access to free movie downloads, which I think are about as good as you get on Netflix.

Debra Beshears

This is really great! It’s worth the price even if you don’t buy a lot of merchandise. The instant video streaming makes it worth the monthly charges!

Bakari Chavanu

Yep, I agree. I dropped Netflix because of the instant streaming that Amazon offers. The movie selections are not very wide, but they competitive to Netflix.

Drew Butler

I agree with you both on that.. I don’t watch much anyways.