Amazon Now AutoRips Your Purchased CDs & Creates MP3s On CloudPlayer [Updates]

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For music fans out there who still like to collect CDs,, one of the leading online music store sites, has added a new feature for its customers called AutoRip CD. Now whenever you buy music CDs from Amazon they are automatically ripped into MP3s and saved to your Amazon Cloud Player, for no extra cost.

AutoRip makes the digital version of your purchased CDs immediately after you place the order. So while waiting for your package, you can play the music files on any supporting device.

In addition, Amazon says that all the CDs customers have purchased since 1998 will automatically be ripped and added to their Cloud Player. This service is not only a great way to have your music in two different formats, but it means that all your music CDs purchased from Amazon automatically get backed up in the cloud.

When you sign into your Cloud Player account, you will see a message indicating that you have MP3 versions of eligible tracks from your past Amazon CD purchases placed in your Cloud library.

Unfortunately however the service is only available to US customers, and it applies only to albums sold by — not other Amazon customers, or third-party sellers.

Amazon stipulates in its Terms and Conditions that if you purchase and return an album, the matching MP3 version will be removed from your Cloud Player. However, if you return a purchased CD, but then download any of the tracks ripped from that CD from your Cloud Player, those tracks will be charged as a purchase.

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Source: TechCrunch

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Max Todd

i wish they would do this with books.

Bakari Chavanu

Max, they probably won’t because if not enough demand for it. But your point is well taken.


Daniel Huss

got a notice they added songs from a CD I got from them in 2009… I wonder how many people who bought CDs have sold them since this came out and no longer own the CD.

Bakari Chavanu

If you solve the physical CD, I still think they made it the MP3 copy to your storage account.


Clyde Atwood

I really like the service. I can take my music with me and always play it from my Kindle Fire HD.

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