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Is DVD dead? Amazon doesn’t think so. In an attempt to bring DVDs back into awareness, Amazon has launched a new store, dedicated solely to DVD releases that have never been released for DVD before. The store, with the suitable name of “Never Before On DVD”, includes over 2000 movie and TV titles that were never released on DVD before now.

The collection includes classic Disney films, classics from the Warner Archive collection, older seasons of shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race and classic TV shows such as Night Court. Most of the titles are either too old or too unpopular to have been released on DVD before, but there are sure to be some great finds, especially if you like classics.

The new store is based on Amazon’s CreateSpace DVD on Demand service, which allows Amazon to manufacture the DVDs only when a customer makes an order. In this way, Amazon doesn’t have to stock up on DVDs, and can promise consumers that these DVDs will never run out of stock. If you want one, you can buy one, no matter when.

According to Amazon, some of the titles available in the store are also available via Amazon’s Instant Video and Prime Instant Video (which recently started offering titles by Paramount Pictures as well), but if you’re a DVD buff, or if you’re not in the U.S. and therefore can’t access Instant Video, these DVDs can be a great way to watch some of your favorite classics again.

Do you plan on buying any new DVDs?


Source: Business Wire

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