Amazon Decides To Let Kindle Fire HD Owners Opt-Out Of Ads [Updates]

KindleFire8.9   Amazon Decides To Let Kindle Fire HD Owners Opt Out Of Ads [Updates]Recently, Amazon had a massive media event where they covered the huge changes to their Kindle Fire lineup. Most of the news forced gadget junkies to stand and applaud. However, in spite of how cool an HD tablet with 4G connectivity is, there was a major piece of news that had everyone in an uproar. People were not thrilled that ads on the device could not be removed, even for a fee.

Thankfully, Amazon changed their mind on this issue. Users can now choose to opt-out of the ads for a one-time fee of $15. This is actually cheaper than the price to opt-out of ads on current Fire models, which is $20. They went from forcing ads down our throats to actually reducing the cost of getting rid of the ads. That is quite the turnaround.

Amazon kept the mention of the ads very quiet during their press conference, and once word got out on this no-opt-out policy, people were certainly soured on the prospect of buying one of the Amazon’s new tablets. It’s bad enough having to spend money to get rid of special offers and promotions on a device you have dropped up to $600 dollars on, but to tell users they didn’t even have that option to was certainly cause for anger.

kindlefirehd3   Amazon Decides To Let Kindle Fire HD Owners Opt Out Of Ads [Updates]

What do you guys think? Should Amazon not include ads at all? Is it worth $15 to get rid of them, or would you rather save your money and deal with them? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Mashable

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Tug Ricks

The whole “special offers” ordeal makes me more likely to buy a Google Nexus. I understand that they’re subsidizing the cost of the tablet with ads, but Google doesn’t seem to have to do that.

Kao Vang

Better than nothing.

Curtis C.

At least you can now disable the ads in order to make your tablet look clean.

denny Gl

nobody wants adds. so they make extra 15$ for just nothing.but still quad core tegra 3 is a winner

Casey Ferralli

I’m glad they didn’t make it a yearly fee.

Va Du

I’m glad they made it an option and a 1 time fee. Usually I can live with it but it worries me that it’s going just be ads everywhere because they made it such a big deal.

Ahmed Khalil

This is the different between them and apple. even with 600$ cost which almost same as IPAD but they sill search for more from ads.

Ahmed Khalil

Any way for me i do not expect that this new Tablet will gain the big success they expect.

Richard Borkovec

So it’s going to be $214 for the 16GB model without ads? I’d rather spend the extra $35 and get a Nexus 7 that I don’t need to unlock and flash. Buy Nexus 7, install Amazon AppStore, install Amazon MP3 store, install Kindle for Android. Yay Kindle Fire on Nexus 7! That’s basically how I see it.

Marko Resnik

I really like the option. But I honestly think that this trend of forcing adverts is beginning to be a little too annoying…