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It seems like forever since Amazon launched their Cloud Player, but now it is finally available on iOS devices. The Cloud Player app on iOS allows users to stream and download any music stored with Amazon to their device.

Just like Google and Apple’s Cloud based music service, you can buy songs through Amazon’s Cloud Player and upload an entire music library that was acquired elsewhere. Of course, you will need to have the space on your Amazon account to fit the music from your own library. You can purchase more space if you need it.

One feature that is conspicuously absent from the iOS version of Amazon Cloud Player is the ability to buy music. Apple takes 30% of all revenue generated through in-app purchases, so it seems Amazon would prefer that their music sales do not help line the pockets of Apple.

The player itself looks quite nice, and has all the features you would expect to see from an app trying to compete with iTunes and Google. You can listen to and create playlists, browse music by artist, album and genre and do everything else you would expect to do with a top-tier music player.

You can download the Amazon Cloud Player app from the iTunes App Store.


Source: TheNextWeb

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